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Don Dussault

General Manager, ProSys, Inc., the market leader in Megasonic systems for the Semiconductor Industry wet process segment. Since 2005 he has successfully expanded the application range and installed base of ProSys Megasonic systems in the European and Asian markets making ProSys the de facto standard for many high volume production OEMs.

Don started in the Semiconductor industry in 1980 as an Equipment Engineer responsible for a new front-end startup, and later specialized in Microlithography systems for a leading Semiconductor OEM. Don was transferred to Europe to support the rapid expansion there in the Mid 1980s and has remained in Europe ever since. For the past 20+ years he has specialized in wet process applications and has held management positions with several OEM Equipment suppliers. During this time he has helped to develop and test new wet process application. He has co-authored papers on, and presented much of this process development work to the wet process community.